Chinatown Excursion


Recently I completed one of the tasks on my 101 in 1001 list, going to Chinatown! I was accompanied by my sister, my mom, and my best friends. It was a great day and we all had a blast! 

101 in 1001

This post was inspired by a post I saw online and is a list of 101 goals to accomplish in the next 1001 days, It is a happy medium between writing a to do list and keeping a bucketlist. When I saw the idea I knew it was something i’d like to do, so here it is:

End date: March 10th, 2016 (BOLD= Completed)

1. Learn how to surf

2. Take a photography class

3. Travel to  the beautiful, Santorini, Greece

4. Buy a Polaroid camera

5. Attend a fashion show at New York Fashion Week

6. Attend Coachella

7. Host a tea party

8. Write and deliver 5 handwritten letters

9. Go a farmer’s market

10. Spend the whole day downtown

11.Go on a picnic

12. Become a vegetarian for a week

13. Go to a drive in movie/movie in the park

15. Watch every episode of Gossip Girl

16. Successfully bake macaroons

17.  Watch 5 foreign films

18. Read every John Green book

19. Have a Harry Potter movie marathon

20. Go to 3 museums

21. Go on a spontaneous weekend roadtrip

22. Dance in the rain

23. Make 4 different paintings for people

24.Try 8 hairstyles from Pintrest/Tumblr

25. Attend a writing/ Literature class

26. Improve skateboarding skills

27. Go to China town

28. Complete a Color me rad run

29. Travel to Australia

30. Start a new tradition

31. Sign up and try a different/unusual class

32.  Discover 10 new restaurants

33. Spend the weekend in New York City

34. Go to 5 concerts

35. Improve on piano

36. Go to a book signing

37. Try 10 new recipies

38. Spend the day on a sailboat

39. Find the perfect flea market/thrift shop find

40. Write 20 poems

41. Go to a record store

42. Spend a day watching classic movies in pyjamas

43. Make someone’s day

44. Send someone flowers out of the blue

45. Wake up to watch the sunrise

46. Go on an adventure

47. Go camping

48. Make Brunch for the entire family

49. Send 5 postcards

50. Document day through polaroid pictures

51.  Read 15 books in a year

52. Watch all John Hughes movies

53. Take a dance or excercise class

54. Find the perfect hat

55. Host a tv show/movie themed party

56. Spend the day in Old Montreal

57. Host or attend murder mystery party

58. Get drivers license

59. Volunteer 10 different times

60. Eat breakfast for dinner

61. Wax a surfboard

62. Fly a kite

63. Spend the day only travelling by bike

64. Go to a local cafe

65. Try kickboxing

66.  Take Picture by the Hollywood sign

67. Go to Malibu Pier

68. Spend the day at Griffith Park

69. Find the perfect little black dress

70. Sleep under the stars

71. Make a blanket fort

72. Complete a DIY

73.  Make a music video

74. Try something new

75.  Read 3 classic books

76.  Watch 4 movies that take place in Newyork

77. Purchase a yearly subscription to a magazine

78. Eat vegan for a week

79. Make homemade Jam

80. Tie Dye sheets

81. Have a backyard campout

82. Make homemade pizza

83. Learn how to play a new boardgame

84. Give someone a special gift

85. Find a new favorite activity

86.  Take lots of pictures

87.  Plant flowers

88. Go to LA

89.  Discover a new author

90. Swim in an infinity pool

91. Go windsurfing

92. Learn to play squash

93.  Travel to Europe

94.  Learn about astronomy

95.  Create a small library

96.  Go to the spa

97. Learn archery

98. Try pottery making

99. Form a band

100.  Meet one of many inspirations

101. See a koala