Fighting the Flu

Coughing, sneazing, stuffy noses, sore throats, headaches and a lack of motivation to get off the couch have returned! Well, unfortunately it’s that time of year again, flu season! Many of my friends and family have been home sick because of their horrible colds, and I’ve been trying my best to prevent getting the illness myself. Here are some helpful prevention methods that help get me through the cold/flu season: 1. Wash your hands! I know, I know. Ever since kindergarten we have had this drilled into our brains, but its an important measure in avoiding getting sick. Also, if you can’t wash your hands, sanitize, go to bath and body works and buy a few of your favorite mini hand sanitizer scents if you have to, make it an outing! 2. Vitamin C, there are many ways to increase the vitamin C in your diet including vitamin supplements, fruits and vegetables (Especially citrus) as well as juices. 3. Warm beverages. Sipping on your favourite hot drink is more beneficial than you think! The hot liquid kills bacteria which will prevent you from getting sick. Feel a sore throat coming on? Simply gargle with salt dissolved into warm water and the pain will be reduced in minutes! ( Just make sure your older brothers’ cute friends aren’t over because it’s a strange procedure) 4. Honey. Some people dislike the taste of honey, I know I used to, but I’ve slowly learned to like it. Honey does wonders for your throat! This sweetener is a natural antibacterial source that coats your throat, to prevent unwanted sickness causing germs. You can use a spoonful of honey purchased at the grocery store or a more portable version, honey sticks( availible in different flavours) 5. Get enough sleep. A minimum of eight hours is recommended. 6. Nasal saline spray. It’s awkward to apply, I’m not going to lie to you, but nasal saline spray is extremely effective at preventing catching a cold through germs ingested nasally. So there you have it! A few simple ways to stay illness free this cold season. Stay healthy! -Tia 🙂

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