Passionate Playlist


 Hey Everyone! I recently went to the movie Endless Love, staring Gabriella Wilde and Alex Petterfer, and fell in love with the movie soundtrack, which I have been listening to non stop! Many of the songs included in my recent playlist are from the movie along with a few other songs i’ve been really enjoying lately. Here they are:                       

Explosions-Ellie Goulding                                    
The Bird and the Bee– Inara George ft. Matt Berninger
Young Folks-The Kooks                                                     
Addicted to Love-Florence + the Machine          
Pumpin Blood-NONONO                              
Don’t Find Another Love-Teegan and Sara  
Let Me Kiss You Now-Plush Gun                  
Bubble Toes-Jack Johnson                          
Step-Vampire Weekend                              
Naive-The Kooks                                          
Messed Up Kids-Jake Bugg                            
Perfectly Lonely-John Mayer                        
Little Talks-Of Monsters and Men
Best Day of my Life-American Authors                     
So there you have it, maybe you’ll find a new song to enjoy. Happy Listening!

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