New York, New York- Part 1


Ah, New York City one of my favourite places I have ever been visited. Everything about the city is inspiring. My family and I headed to New York for the long weekend for a little getaway and had an absolute blast. Day 1: We drove from Montreal, leaving early in the morning and arrived in the afternoon. After checking into our hotel, we proceeded to grab a bite at Chipotle Mexican grill, a create your own burrito/rice bowl restaurant where I ordered a chicken, brown rice bowl with cheese, lettuce, black beans, corn, and fresh tomato salsa topped off with cilantro. ( if you’ve never tried it, it’s a must!) After lunch it began to rain and we grabbed a taxi and ventured to soho for a little shopping. Can there ever really be enough shopping in a day? I think not, but when it comes to the expression “shop ’til you drop” my family tires much faster than I do. We took the subway back to our hotel and ate a light dinner. Before even leaving for New York I had a burning desire to go to Momofuku milk bar, I managed to convince my dad to take me and we walked through the night on the busy New York streets in the pouring rain on a Momofuku Mission. By the time we got there I was drenched! However, I didn’t mind and the 12 block walk was definitely worth it. I ordered the cereal and milk ice cream, which was really delicious and unlike anything I’ve ever tried! The cereal/cookie crumble was amazing! My dad and I returned to our hotel dripping with rain water to the wonderful greeting of live music in the hotel lobby, we changed into dry clothes and spend an hour jamming out to the talented musicians. That was how the day ended but there was still much more to come!

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