New York, New York-Part 2

imageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageDay 2: We woke up the next day ready for an adventure! We decided to head to Central Park and on the way were offered a reasonable deal on Petty Cabs (bicycle taxis) that toured the park, showing celebrity homes and park attractions. As we explored the park, we observed many runners and joggers taking advantage of the beautiful sunny day. New York life seems absolutely amazing; the people living in the city are so diverse which makes for the best people watching. New York socialites, mothers pushing strollers talking Saturday gossip, musicians and artists lining the sides of the paths, it felt like a scene of of gossip girl! We spotted a Popsicle cart and grabbed some refreshing snowcones which we enjoy on a park bench after the ride was over. As the day proceeded my and my dad decided to head to a food fair for lunch where we purchased fresh lemonade, BBQ chicken kebabs and grilled corn. After lunch we did some shopping (my dad is now obsessed with UNIQLO, the man could spend days in there!), checked out FAO Schwartz , and the Eloise store at the plaza. We then processed to take a typical tourist double decker bus ride all over New York, which was both really interesting and fun! After the bus ride which ended a few hours later , we were all  hungry and ready for dinner. We ended up goin to Carmine’s which is Italian good served family style where we order Caesar Salad and spaghetti with meatballs.  (The portions are insane)  Day 3: We were headed back to Montreal, but not before we hit up the Woodbury Commons outlets ( the golden motherload of outlet shopping) where I purchased a white Michael Kors cross body bag as well as running gear from Nike. Although the trip was short, we all had a really great time, in the most magnificent city.

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