Let’s Go Camping!

The humble trailer my grandparents use while camping

The humble trailer my grandparents use while camping

The kitchen tent

The kitchen tent-( yes, that is a fake dog)



In a time of Netflix, smart phones and internet access at the tip of our fingers, good, wholesome, old fashioned fun can often be forgotten and neglected. For a few days every summer, I abandon technology, (with the exception of my beloved camera) and head to the woods. My grandparents have been venturing out of Montreal for two weeks of each summer to go camping in Malone, New York, for over twenty years. I have been going for the majority of my life to visit each year, but only for a day or two. (I can leave technology but we all have limits) Yesterday happened to be the annual camping excursion, which is always a great time. My family and I arrived just in time for lunch, which we ate in the kitchen tent, then hit the beach to make the best of the sunny afternoon. To the joy of everyone on the beach, an ice cream truck arrived where everyone, old and young, hurriedly walked and ran to evaluate the Popsicle choices. After a few hours of lounging on the sand, we went for a walk which led us to a river, where we amused ourselves by jumping from rock to rock to the soothing sound of flowing water. In the evening we proceeded to have a warming campfire, which ended in decadent s’mores; a sweet end to a sweet day.