School library

School library

Self developed film negatives

Self developed film negatives


Darkroom photography excursion on the farm grounds of the campus


The college life is comparably different from high school, and I have to say, I’m loving some of the significant differences! The main change, is the amount of freedom that college provides. In a few months, I went from having to raise my hand to go to the bathroom and go to detention for forgetting my math homework, to making the choice if I want to show up to class at all. There’s no one to check up, and from an academic perspective, I  essentially take care of myself. It definitely takes getting used to, but the reward that stems from the change is so worth it.

I have met so many inspiring people, and have already made so many great friends. My program is quite artistic and focuses on the creative, so being able to experience and learn from other people’s talents is absolutely amazing. My favorite class so far has definitely been darkroom photography. I went in completely inexperienced, with my grandpa’s old camera, and left with a burning passion for film photography. The strangest part of the experience was having to lock myself in a closet the size of a bathroom stall to load film, in the pitch black, as light with destroy the film negative. Practice was definitely needed but by the end, I was able to complete the task more quickly than I had ever imagined at the beginning of the semester.

So far, the experience has been quite positive. I’ll leave you with a few new learning’s.

College observations:

-Coffee makes the long early days significantly less painful

-People will not judge you if you are wearing anything ranging from a sweat suit to pajamas because they understand the struggle

-Try to buy used books because you’ll use your 200$ textbook 5 times a semester

-Sleep is cherished

Thanks taking the time to read about my mundane college endeavors! Until next time,


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