Making Macarons



Recently, my friend and I conquered the grueling baking task that is macarons. Now I’m not going to lie to you, I wasn’t confident that the first batch would turn out at all, let alone decently. We surprisingly managed to produce first attempt macarons that we’re both edible and delicious!( I know, I know, miracles happen everyday.)

Both the cookie and the filling have specific instructions that must be met, in order for the dessert to be a success. We opted for “strawberries and cream” flavor as it was one on the less demanding flavor combinations of the recipe book ( how badly could we mess strawberry up?! ) Filling wise, we experimented with two separate fillings, one being white chocolate ganache with fresh strawberry puree and the other being strawberry infused whipped cream.

The most challenging aspect of the project was piping the filling into small, even circles. The piping technique definitely comes with trial, error, and lots of practice. Constructing the macarons after both the cookie exterior and the filling were cooled was a blast, and was definitely my favorite part.

Overall, the project went over quite well and relatively aesthetically pleasing, and extremely tasty macarons were produced!

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