Spring Break in Mexico


Punta de Mita

This sign wasn't lying...

This sign wasn’t lying…

Spotted some whales on the way to a secret beach excursion

Spotted some whales on the way to a secret beach excursion

Off roading in the forest/driving through Punta de Mita, Nayarit

Off roading in the forest/driving through Punta de Mita, Nayarit


Sayulita Surf Beach


Rhythms of the Night, which consists of dinner on the beach and a show that showcases Mexican culture and native rituals


All day boat adventure

All day boat adventure

Hidden Island

Hidden Island

I just got back from spring break in Porta Vallarta in Mexico and I thought I’d share a few pictures. I went on vacation with my parents and younger sister for a week, as we had a school break and desperately wanted to get away from the harsh winter.            We went on three excursions, one to a secret beach, another off roading in the jungle and the third to a hidden beach for dinner and a show. My favorite was the second, it was extreme and such a blast.  I came back covered in mud and even resorted to washing and wiping down my mud covered face and body with hand soap in the excursion company bathroom; yes that’s when you know. The rest of the vacation was spent lounging on the beach. Most of the nights there was a mariachi band performing beautiful live music, and I discovered that one restaurant/cafe of the resort made the best cappuccinos I’ve ever had (shoutout to you Christina, you made the best foam) so evenings were usually spent sipping and jamming. I also had a chance to improve my bargaining skills while buying a few jewelry items and small trinkets from a market on the beach that are both intricate and unique.

.          Overall, the trip was relaxing and I had the opportunity to experience a different culture and lifestyle.

Mexico trip observations/learnings:

-When you’re buying lime popsicles from the convenient store after a sweltering walk on the beach, make sure they’re not jalapeño and lime…. (I felt the burn alright, not my best move)

-Fresh tomato salsa doesn’t get old even after you eat it in great amounts for 7 days, neither do tacos.

-Everything sounds better with a Spanish accent.

-Makes friends with people when you travel, it will always do more good than harm.

-SUNSCREEN,WATER, and SHADE are your new best friends as your trip nears it’s end.(I know you want to get that final tanned “yeah that’s right I went on vacation” glow in there but moderation is key)

-If you were so ready to tan and you went a little too strong day 1(me) :aloe and moisturizer.

-If you’re scared of an adventure, try it anyways you’ll walk away with a story and a new experience.

I hope your spring break is relaxing and well enjoyed whether you go somewhere or enjoy your free time at home!

With love,


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