Pretty Little Liars Summer Finale







The Pretty Little Liars Summer Finale was a long anticipated final episode that my friends and I were long anticipating. Watching such an exciting episode alone could be made into a fun pre-school gathering, especially since a few of us have  been watching the show since the beginning, SIX YEARS ago!  Four hours before the episode aired, I decided to text a few people I knew watched the show and invited them to a PLL viewing party. I ran out and bought red everything! Cups, plates, napkins, balloons, punch, streamers, and candies. I also made cupcakes that ended up being more pink than red (oops) and printed out the most memorable “A” text messages through out the seasons and glued them to toothpicks and the cups.

There’s something about watching PLL in the dark that enhances every surprise and scare… ( If you have a viewing party or even if you’re alone, give it a try!) The summer finale ending resulted in mixed reactions, and stemmed curiosity concerning which direction the writers are headed for the next season. Overall, the party was a fun excuse to see a bunch  of friends I had not seen for the majority or the summer and bond over a show we all enjoy. Planning the last minute event was relatively simple and I would definitely do it again!

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