New York, New York- Part 1


Ah, New York City one of my favourite places I have ever been visited. Everything about the city is inspiring. My family and I headed to New York for the long weekend for a little getaway and had an absolute blast. Day 1: We drove from Montreal, leaving early in the morning and arrived in the afternoon. After checking into our hotel, we proceeded to grab a bite at Chipotle Mexican grill, a create your own burrito/rice bowl restaurant where I ordered a chicken, brown rice bowl with cheese, lettuce, black beans, corn, and fresh tomato salsa topped off with cilantro. ( if you’ve never tried it, it’s a must!) After lunch it began to rain and we grabbed a taxi and ventured to soho for a little shopping. Can there ever really be enough shopping in a day? I think not, but when it comes to the expression “shop ’til you drop” my family tires much faster than I do. We took the subway back to our hotel and ate a light dinner. Before even leaving for New York I had a burning desire to go to Momofuku milk bar, I managed to convince my dad to take me and we walked through the night on the busy New York streets in the pouring rain on a Momofuku Mission. By the time we got there I was drenched! However, I didn’t mind and the 12 block walk was definitely worth it. I ordered the cereal and milk ice cream, which was really delicious and unlike anything I’ve ever tried! The cereal/cookie crumble was amazing! My dad and I returned to our hotel dripping with rain water to the wonderful greeting of live music in the hotel lobby, we changed into dry clothes and spend an hour jamming out to the talented musicians. That was how the day ended but there was still much more to come!


Oh So Canadian


Happy Saturday! I just returned from my annual “Sugaring Off” trip to the “Sugar Shack” or “Cabane à sucre” in French. If I’ve lost you, Sugaring Off is basically an excursion to the country side to enjoy a Québécois inspired meal, which involves lots and lots of maple syrup! The meal includes a variety of unique dishes including pickles, picked onions, pea soup, boiled peeled potatoes,ham, mini hotdogs with maple syrup, scrambled eggs and “sugar pie” for dessert; made with you guessed it, maple syrup. It’s truly unlike any other meal I eat all year. There are also farm animals to see and my absolute favourite part, “la tire”. La tire is basically boiled maple syrup that is poured onto the snow and cools into a taffy like candy that you roll onto a Popsicle stick to enjoy. Overall, the day was well spent with family and friends and I’m already looking forward to going again next year. 

Passionate Playlist


 Hey Everyone! I recently went to the movie Endless Love, staring Gabriella Wilde and Alex Petterfer, and fell in love with the movie soundtrack, which I have been listening to non stop! Many of the songs included in my recent playlist are from the movie along with a few other songs i’ve been really enjoying lately. Here they are:                       

Explosions-Ellie Goulding                                    
The Bird and the Bee– Inara George ft. Matt Berninger
Young Folks-The Kooks                                                     
Addicted to Love-Florence + the Machine          
Pumpin Blood-NONONO                              
Don’t Find Another Love-Teegan and Sara  
Let Me Kiss You Now-Plush Gun                  
Bubble Toes-Jack Johnson                          
Step-Vampire Weekend                              
Naive-The Kooks                                          
Messed Up Kids-Jake Bugg                            
Perfectly Lonely-John Mayer                        
Little Talks-Of Monsters and Men
Best Day of my Life-American Authors                     
So there you have it, maybe you’ll find a new song to enjoy. Happy Listening!

Fighting the Flu

Coughing, sneazing, stuffy noses, sore throats, headaches and a lack of motivation to get off the couch have returned! Well, unfortunately it’s that time of year again, flu season! Many of my friends and family have been home sick because of their horrible colds, and I’ve been trying my best to prevent getting the illness myself. Here are some helpful prevention methods that help get me through the cold/flu season: 1. Wash your hands! I know, I know. Ever since kindergarten we have had this drilled into our brains, but its an important measure in avoiding getting sick. Also, if you can’t wash your hands, sanitize, go to bath and body works and buy a few of your favorite mini hand sanitizer scents if you have to, make it an outing! 2. Vitamin C, there are many ways to increase the vitamin C in your diet including vitamin supplements, fruits and vegetables (Especially citrus) as well as juices. 3. Warm beverages. Sipping on your favourite hot drink is more beneficial than you think! The hot liquid kills bacteria which will prevent you from getting sick. Feel a sore throat coming on? Simply gargle with salt dissolved into warm water and the pain will be reduced in minutes! ( Just make sure your older brothers’ cute friends aren’t over because it’s a strange procedure) 4. Honey. Some people dislike the taste of honey, I know I used to, but I’ve slowly learned to like it. Honey does wonders for your throat! This sweetener is a natural antibacterial source that coats your throat, to prevent unwanted sickness causing germs. You can use a spoonful of honey purchased at the grocery store or a more portable version, honey sticks( availible in different flavours) 5. Get enough sleep. A minimum of eight hours is recommended. 6. Nasal saline spray. It’s awkward to apply, I’m not going to lie to you, but nasal saline spray is extremely effective at preventing catching a cold through germs ingested nasally. So there you have it! A few simple ways to stay illness free this cold season. Stay healthy! -Tia 🙂

It’s Always Time For Target!

These striped knee socks are not only affordable but super soft also!

These striped knee socks are not only affordable but super soft also!


At only $1 each, these were calling my name! They also reminded me of stationary my amazing friend Ali ( would have, which made me want them even more.

At only $1 each, these were calling my name! They also reminded me of stationary my amazing friend Ali ( would have, which made me want them even more.

I purchased  this notebook because it reminded me of Kate Spade Stationary.

I purchased this notebook because it reminded me of Kate Spade Stationary.

Finally! March break is here at last, and I have finally had the time to go for an afternoon shop at Target. I must admit without any shame, I’m a sucker for that dollar section at the front entrance. Also, there was a whole Easter section at the back of the store that got me pretty excited even though there’s more than a month to go, until one of my absolute favourite holidays. Now what would this post be without a few purchase pictures?! Above are a few of my Target excursion finds, all under 5$!